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At last, all clinical social workers—from graduate students to senior practitioners—have one national organization. The American Clinical Social Work Association, ACSWA, is open for business all day every day, to give you a clinical community and an online home full of news, answers, connections, tools, and colleagues.

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Poor REM Sleep May Be Linked to Higher Risk for Anxiety and Depression: https://t.co/omED3tVxIl #sleepissues #mentalhealth16 hours ago 0 0
Financial despair, addiction and the rise of suicide in white America: https://t.co/thDIGRC4q1 via @guardian18 hours ago 0 0
In major depressive disorder, cognitive behavioral therapy and antidepressants have similar effect: https://t.co/SFoi993YUh #depression19 hours ago 0 0
Free Webinar 3/9: "Reducing Teen Substance Misuse: What Really Works" https://t.co/CkfJ5fFuKX #webinars #adolescentmentalhealth20 hours ago 0 0
Staying Sober After Treatment Ends -- "Getting sober is hard. Making sobriety last is much harder." via @nytimes https://t.co/km14Tfzkl921 hours ago 0 0
Things to Know About Police Shootings and Mental Illness. https://t.co/9raH7FEJ1x2 days ago 0 0
Treating major depression in older adults with diabetes may lower risk of death: https://t.co/PbCVnTTgqi2 days ago 0 0
via @NAMIMass: 50% of veterans will seek care in private settings, outside the US Veterans Affairs Healthcare System https://t.co/qkdYUGB9VP2 days ago 1 0
Teens chronically victimized at school are 5 times more at risk for suicidal ideation/6 times for suicide attempts: https://t.co/A89FybkabP2 days ago 1 1
For older adults, serious #depression symptoms increase risk for stroke and heart disease: https://t.co/J9KerC7jTA2 days ago 0 0



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