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ACSWA Student Membership is built around one key concept: value. We have focused our efforts to provide graduate students with a package stuffed with value and easy on the wallet, for just $35!

Annual membership includes (at no extra charge):

Student Liability Insurance: Malpractice lawsuits are a stressful but important subject, connected to the protection of professional liability. ACSWA has teamed up with HPSO, the industry leader, to make sure you are prepared for a rainy day.

Invaluable Resources:  “Invaluable”–at ACSWA, we mean it. We are on top of clinical topics, and are hosting conversations that you’ll want to hear. As a student member, you have access to great discussions, key information, and more. To top it off, we will give you our five eBooks free of charge!

  • Confidentiality in Clinical Social Work: In Jaffee v. Redmond (1996) the U.S. Supreme Court ruled in favor of the principle of privacy of therapeutic disclosures. This publication introduces teachers, students, and other readers to the case and its issues, including salient materials from Jaffee v. Redmond, as a means of examining the issue of confidentiality and its clinical and legal importance.
  • Supervision in Clinical Social Work:  As the bridge connecting new practitioners to the mastery of competent practice, clinical supervision is essential the overall health of the profession. This publication is intended to be definitive in describing clinical supervision in clinical social work—its purposes, nature, domains, and approaches—and the characteristics of practice by which a clinical supervisor may be recognized and rewarded.
    • Competency in Clinical Social Work: Clinical social work, with more than 200,000 clinical-level licensees, is the major provider of behavioral healthcare in the United States. This publication describes the knowledge, skills, and behaviors that constitute the competent practice of clinical social work. Competency is described across the phases by which a practitioner develops and in terms of indicators of proficiency in practice.
    • Rights and Responsibilities in Clinical Social Work: This publication describes the elements of effective behavioral healthcare and the rights and responsibilities of the participants involved in its delivery: the client as consumer, the practitioner, and the third-party entity. After a thorough review of three-party interactions, the Center for Clinical Social Work, Inc., concludes that “client need” should be the driving force in the provision of services, and specifically identifies, the ethical means for delivering competent behavioral healthcare.
    • Treatment of Children and Families in Clinical Social Work: As the nation’s largest provider of behavioral health services, clinical social workers must be able to conduct effective interventions with the helpless children neglected at any moment in the United States as well as their families and caregivers. The characteristics of competent practice are the focus of this publication, which examines the levels and types of knowledge, training, skill, and experience, as well as proficiency in utilizing relevant theory and proven techniques, by which practitioners should address the bio-psycho-social problems and disorders unique to children and their families.

Student Member Certificate: ACSWA gives you a special certificate to hang in your work space. Let it be your pick-me-up for long work-nights, your companion when you’re in a real groove, or a badge of pride for your professional future.

 Bi-monthly Newsletter: This one will be good. The student newsletter comes with exclusive announcements and offers.

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